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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 24, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> the next senator from t of illinois, bh barack obama. >> tonight is a particular hon fore for me let's face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. i believe that we have a right to swing at our bat and as we stand on the crossroads of history this country will reclaim it's promise out of this long political darkness a brighter day will come. thank you very much everybody. god bless you. thank you. >> in case you might have been wondering why state senator barack obama of illinois has been considered a very promising young figure in the democratic party i think this speech has probably told you very clearly why. >> as lincoln organized the forces of raid against slavery he said this a strange discord
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dance and even hostile ordinance we gathered with the four winds and formed and fought the battle through. that is our purpose here today. that is why i am in this race. not just to hold an office but to gather with you to transform a nation. we will restore science to it's rightful place and technology wonders to raise healthcare quality and lower costs we will harness the suns and winds and soil to fuel our cars and run our factories and transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age. all this we can do, all this we will do. >> barack obama rocketed from the illinois state legislature to the white house in less than five years. he made history as the first african american in the oval
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office. along the way he promised hope and change and took frequent aim at then president george w. bush. candidate obama pledged to do things differently, to fundamentally transform america, our economy, our healthcare system, our partisan political ways. it has been a year since barack obama took the oath of office. sometimes his decisions as president have contradicted his promises as candidate. he even appears to be continuing some policies he once called mistakes. in many areas he has more than good made on his promise to change. fund amount fally change our country. obama for some he is exactly the president he said he would be, for others he is not. for voters it depends on what they thought they heard. tonight a unique hour. his campaign in a way that hasn't been told before in his
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own words. ee begin with one of the biggest promises he made to repair our image around the world. has president obama restored the united states prestige or damaged it with apologies? listen. (cheers) >> i will restore our moral standing so america is once again that last best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom. >> president obama em barks on the first european swing focused on the languishing glowing economy. >> if you look at the source of this crisis the united states certainly has some accounting to do with respect to a regulatory system that was inadequate, the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system.
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>> after already apoll guysing for sending the global recession partially in motion the president also apologized for america looking down on europe. >> in america there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derissive. >> can i ask you whether you prescribe as many of the predecessors have to the school of american exceptionalism that see america uniquely qualified to lead the world. >> i believe in american exceptionalism just as i except the prince believe in -- >> the trust that binds united states and turkey has been strained. i know that strain is shared in
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many places where the muslim faith is practiced. so let me say that as clearly as i can. the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. >> it does appear that the president boughed to the king, did he bough or didn't he? >> i think he bent over with both hands to shake his hands. >> did he bough or didn't he? >> i know the promises have gone unfulfilled in the past. the trust has to be earned over time. the united states has done much to promote peace and prosperity in the hemisphere. we have at times been disengaged and at times we have sought to deck ka tate our terms. but i pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership. >> now you have had the friendly interaction with will sha vez. are y
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-- chavez. are you concerned of how that may be perceived in the u.s. as perhaps being too soft? oo we had this debate in the campaign. the notion was somehow if we saw courtesy or opened up dialogue with governments that had been previously hostile with us that would somehow be a sign of weakness. the american people didn't like it. there's a good reason the american people didn't buy it, because it doesn't make sense. >> 9-11 was a sever trauma to our country. the fear and anger it provoked is understandable. but it went contrary to our ideas and beliefs. we are taking action to change the course. >> the president of the united states bowing to the emperor of japan. what do you make of bowgate.
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>> i don't know why he thought it was appropriate. it's not appropriate for an american president to bow. >> president spending hours together. >> the president obama bowed. i think he learned his lesson. >> the first sitting u.s. president in 90 years to win a noble peace prize today talked about war. >> whatever mistakes we have made the plane fact is this united states of america helped underwrite global security for decades with the blood of our citizens and strength of our arms. >> president obama and the economy after the break. someday, the driver will get to choos how efficient or powerful their car will be. the first ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. the most fuel-efficient of all luxury vehicles. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food.
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>> whether it came to the economy barack obama sounded like a sensible tax cutting
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moderate who would control spending and calm the spending on wall street. eager to redistribute wealth and understand government control in the private sector. again president obama in his own words. >> only government can break the cycle that are crippling our economy where the lack of spending leads to lost jobs and leads to even less spending. >> president elect obama was back on the stump today not looking for votes but for support for the economic stimulus plan. it's an $825 billion wager. >> talking about a conversation you two had. if we do everything right there's still a 30 percent chance we are going to get it wrong. can you tell the american public what you were talking about reassure them it wasn't the stimulus bill or bank rescue
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plan. >> i don't remember what joe was referring to, not surprisingly. >> oo economists warned if we don't act immediately millions more jobs will disappear the national unemployment rates will approach double digits. >> president obama is about to fly to the mile high city to sign the stimulus bill into law. 787 billion tax dollars going to work for a flat lined economy with a flick of the pen. >> american recovery and reinvestment act is the most sweeping economic recovery package in our history. >> the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent and joblessness would speak in september. it is destined to head higher even though today's job data wasn't as bad as some feared the white house didn't celebrate. >> lower job rate laws is not our goal. less bad, less bad is not how we
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are going to measure success. >> we lost fewer jobs than last month we climbed to 10 percent the numbers that under score the economic challenges that lie ahead. we can safely say we are no longer facing the potential collapse of our financial system. and we have avoided the depression many feared. our economy is growing for the first time in a year. >> feds say the country lost 85,000 jobs last month. unemployment holding steady at 10 percent. >> jobs numbers released by the labor department are a reminder the road to recovery is never straight. last month we slipped back losing more jobs than we gain. the job market is moving in the right direction. >> i believe america's free market has been the engine of
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america's great progress. i also know in this kov country grand experiment has only marked the biz mal hand with the higher principle. it's the idea we are all in this together. >> president elect obama is now asking president bush to request the second half of the billion dollar bailout. >> moving forward anybody any bank for example that is receiving capital from the tack payers how it pays out executives how it pays out dividends, how it's reporting it's lending practices. gm is announcing today rick wagoner is stepping aside as chairman and ceo. in this context my administration will offer general motors adequate working capital over the next 60 days. they will produce a better business plan. i don't want to run auto companies. i don't want to run banks.
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i have got two-cars i have to run alreadimealready. i have more than enough to do. >> the free market for worker's compensation got a little less free today that's one way of looking at the appointment of an administration official being called the pay czar. >> we believe in success but it off fends our values when executives of big financial firms, firms that are struggling pay themselves huge bonuses even as they continue to rely on tax payer assistance to stay afloat. >> they have taken us from a projected $5.6 trillion surplus at the end of the clinton administration to massive deficits and nearly $4 trillion in new debt today. we were promised a fiscal conservative, instead we got the most fiscally irresponsible administration in history. >> as president, as a result of
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whatever financial rescue friend comes about and the 700 billion, whatever it is going to cost, what are you going to have to give up? >> there are a range of things that will have to be delayed. there are some things that i think have to be done. we have to have energy independence. we have to fix our healthcare system. we have to make sure we are competing in education, invest in science and technology make sure college is affordable for every young person in america. we have to rebuild our infrastructure making sure we have a new electricity grid to get to population center using them. >> 363-to-171 the house of representatives passed a financial bailout bill. before the ink got dry congress rusheded the bill so he could g sign it into law. >> never want serious prices to go to waste. what i mean it's an opportunity
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to do things you could not do before. >> when they say why are we spending 800 billion. we have this huge deficit. first of all i found this deficit when i showed up. >> if all we are doing is spending we are not making things then over time other countries are going to get tired of lending us money. eventually the party is going to be over. in fact now the party is over. >> yesterday i held a fiscal summit where i pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office. we cannot ignore the challenges. we cut back on programs we don't need the budget i submit will invest in the three areas that are critical to our economic future, energy, healthcare and education. >> under your budget the debt will increase $7 trillion over the next 10 years. the congressional budget office
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says 9.3 trillion. some republicans call the budget with spending on healthcare and environment the most responsive budget in history. >> some of the republican critics have a short memory because as i recall i am inheriting $103 trillion annual deficit from them. >> when my administration walk through the door the country faced a growing economic downturn as well as deepening fiscal hold. washington passed massive tax cuts for the wealthy and expensive entitlement program without paying for it. we had to make to add to the deficit in the short term to prevent the collapse of our economy. as i have said in the long run, we can't continue to spend as if deficits don't have consequences as if waste doesn't matter as if the hard earned tax dollars of the american people can be treated like mondopoly money.
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>> fighting terrorism, candidate obama's rhetoric means president obama's reality. after the break.
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>> barack obama's star rose during 9-11 when most supported bush's top measures in the war on terror he was an early voice in opposition. once president obama took office what his rhetoric match up to reality? oo we will lead in our observance of human rights and rule of law and civil rights and due process which is why i will close guantanamo and i will
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restore habeas corpus and ano to torture. >> al qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on america. he's worried someone won't read them their rights. >> don't mock the constitution, don't make fun of it, don't suggest that it's unamerican to abide by what the founding fathers set up. it's worked pretty well for over 200 years. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. we believe we can abide by a rule that says we don't torture but that we can still effectively obtain the intelligence that we need. >> homeland security secretary
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nep t napolitano says although there's a threat from terrorism man caused he disasters we want to move away from the politics of fear. >> did you read the document saying the use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques not only protect the nation but saved lives? can you envision yourself ever authorizing the use of interrogation it can neeks? >> i will do whatever is required to keep the american people safe. i am absolutely convinced the best way i can do that is to make sure that we are not taking short cuts that undermine who we are. >> we are learning more about the man now leaved to be at least partially responsible for a shooting that left 12 people dead and 31 wounded at the army
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post in texas. tos news confirmed his name is major malik nadal hassan. >> i met with mueller and agencies to discuss their ongoing investigation as to what caused one individual to turn his gun on other servicemen and women. we don't know all of the answers yet and i would caution to jumping to conclusions until we have all of the facts. >> the ration ship between nidal malik hasan and a cleric. >> he is a rock star among jihadists. he began e-mailing him in yemen in december of last year. >> this much we do know no faith justified the murder and craver enacts no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. >> attorney general eric holder expected to announce a major
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decision regarding ten of the high profile guantanamo bay detainees, among them the self proclaimed 9-111 mastermind mohammed hooek muhammad. >> the federal court of the five individuals accused conspireing to commit the 9-11 attacks. >> how much will you miss the deadline to close guantanamo an how disappointed are you? that? >> i am not disappointed. we are in a path and process where i would anticipate guantanamo would be closed next year. >> an attempted terror attack on christmas day a nigerian tries and fails to blow up a flight headed to the u.s. >> alert citizen ry is far more resilient about a terrorist. >> a nigerian baker says his son
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may have gone to yemen a country where al qaeda has had a growing presence over the years. >> al qaeda and the arabian peninsula directed him to attack that plane headed tore america. >> the most controversial step he took was to charge mu talab as a criminal defendant. why not treat him as an enemy combatant put him in a secret prison use the interrogation techniques president obama specifically approved and try to get more information out of him. >> in this case we made the determination he should be tried in criminal court. >> over the last two weeks we reminded again of the challenge we face in our country against a foe bent on our destruction. while passion and politics can obscure the hard work before us let's be clear what this demands. we are at war against al qaeda.
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>> barack obama ran hard against the bush's administration's handling of iraq and afghanistan. up next barack obama war president in his own words. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the cadillac cts sport sedan. one of car and driver's 10 best for the third year in a row. ♪ annow, cadillac announces the new luxury collection lease. ♪ hos15% or more on car to geico new linsurance?e youn lease. host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen. mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob:'night. elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody,
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>> in the 2008 democratic primaries barack obama was the candidate who opposed the iraq war from the start. in 2009 obama became president, a war president and the target of intense criticism himself. >> oy opposed the war in the beginning and 2002 and i opposed the war in 2003 and 2004 and 2005 and 2006. >> i met with the president last week and expressed my clear and
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unequivocal opposition to an escalation to troop levels in iraq. i don't think 50,000 or 20,000 more troops is going to make a difference in iraq and in baghdad. >> it's time to admit that no amount of american lives can resolve the political disagreement that lies ins of one else's civil war. i have a plan that will brung our combat troop home by march of 2008. >> my assessment is the surge has not worked. >> it wouldn't have been a surge. you and joe biden. >> bill, hold on a second if you look at the debate that was taken place. we have gone through five years of mismanagement that i thought was disastrous. the president wanted to double down and continue on the open-ended policy that did not create the kind of pressure on iraqis and reconcile --
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>> look -- >> come on. >> what i have said is, i have already said it exceeded beyond our wildest dreams. >> why can't you say i was right in the beginning and i was wrong in the surge. >> there's an underlying problem with what we have done. we have reduced the violence. iraqis still haven't taken responsibility. >> let me say that as plainly as i can by august 21st, 2010 our combat mission in iraq will end. under status enforcement agreement within the iraqi government i intend to remove all u.s. troops from iraq by the end of 2011. >> we have seen over the last several months a consultatiolid of a commitment to democratic politics we are interested both of us in making sure iraq has an
9:32 pm
election law that is completed on time so elections can tick place on time in january. >> today after extraordinary costs we are bringing the iraq war to a responsible end. we are doing so as a testament for the character of the men and women in uniform. >> we should have been focused in afghanistan finishing off al qaeda they are the ones that killed 3,000 americans and we have been so distracted with a car of choice instead of the war of necessity that we should have fought there al qaeda is stronger than at any time since 2001. >> john mccain likes to say he will follow bin laden to the gates of hell but he won't follow him to the cave where he lives. oo do you think more u.s. troops should be sent to afghanistan, how many and when? >> we need more troops.
9:33 pm
i have been saying that for over a year now. i think we have to do it as quickly as possible because it has been acknowledgeed by commanders on the ground the situation is getting worse. >> today i am announcing a comprehensive new strategy for afghanistan. i have already ordered the deployment of 17,000 troops and later this spring we will deploy approximately 4,000 u.s. troops to train afghan security forces. >> the to have u.s. commander in afghanistan general mcchrystal is privately requesting a he could surge between 30 and 40,000 american troops. >> the commander in chief said he will be deliberate in deciding u.s. troop levels. >> there is no immediate decision technically on resources because one of the things that i am absolutely clear about is you have to get the strategy right and make the determination about resources. you don't make determinations about sending young we kn men a women into battle about having
9:34 pm
absolute clarity about what the strategy will be. >> if this president doesn't listen to general mcchrystal -- >> i appreciate the opportunity to dangle in the hypotheticals, ed, but there's a pro bust process that we have discussed -- i have discussed some with you yesterday. >> told dan you should listen to the commanders why doesn't he listen to them now. >> i appreciate you have fast forwarded through the decision making process but we are going to focus on that process in getting it right. >> a number of republican leaders said to the president later the money he spent to send more troops to afghanistan emboldened our enemies. a decision could come in days. >> mcchrystal made a plea for 40,000 troops black in august. now it's december 1th. >> there has never been an option to call for troop
9:35 pm
deployments before 2010. there has been no delay or denial of resources necessary for the conduct of war during this review period. it allowed me to ask the hard questions and explore all of the different options along with military and civilian leadership in afghanistan and our key partners. given the stakes involved i owed the american people and troops no less. this review is now complete. as xander commander in chief i have determined it is in our vital interest to spend an additional 30,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> after 18 months our troops will begin to come home. >> in this sen truer rein the city of all cities we must reject the cold mind s war mind set of the past and work with russia to stand up for our values when we must and seek a partnership that extends across
9:36 pm
this entire continent. >> russia and the former soviet satellite of the republican of georgia gain positi hostilities georgia providence. >> i think it's important at this point for all sides to take restraint and stop the arms conflict. >> given what we have in georgia we have to sen a clear significantial that poland and other countries are not going to be subject to intimidation and aggression. >> you are keeping the missile shield in poland. >> i want to make sure it works, though. >> controversial plan for a missile defense system in europe land based. the system would help the united states identify and destroy long range missiles from iran.
9:37 pm
russia was furious about the idea of u.s. interscepter rockets so close to the border. >> the president on the recommendation and advice of the national security team and senior military leadership decided to change the architecture of our missile ball distick offense in europe. >> thanks to george bush's policies iran is now the greatest threat to united states israel and middle east for a generation. john mccain wants to double down on that failed policy. >> we cannot allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. it would be a game changer in the region. it's unacceptable. i will do everything required to prevent it. we will deliver a tough message to iran if you don't change your behavior there will be dire consequences. >> we should have a fairly good sense by the end of the year as
9:38 pm
to whether they are moving in the right direction and whether the parties involved are making progress and there is a good faith effort. >> ahmadinejad is fighting for his political life in the presidential election in iran. >> you are watching irani elections how critical is it to change? oo we are excited to see what appears to be a robust debate taking place in iraq whoever ends up winning the election in iran. the fact that there is a robust debate will advance them in new ways. >> i have said before that i have deep concerns about the
9:39 pm
election. i think that the world has deep concerns about the election. >> it's not productive given the history of u.s. iranian relations to be seen as meddling, the u.s. president meddling in iranian elections. >> president obama defended his reaction to the turmoil in iran saying he has been tough and totally consistent. >> the united states and the international community has been appalled and outraged the threats and beatings and i am prisonments of the last few days. i condemn these unjust actions and i join in the american people in mourning each and every innocent life that is lost. >> some republicans on capitol hill have said that up to this point your response on iran has been timid and weak. today is sounded a lot stronger.
9:40 pm
were you influenced at all by john mccain and lindsay bram saying you are indim dating and weak. >> what do you think? oo the united states and united kingdom and france gave detailed evidence to the iaea demonstrating the united public of iran has been building a company vert enrichment facility. this site deepens a growing concern iran is refusing to live up to those international responsibilities including specifically revealing all nuclear related activities. we remain committed to serious meaningful engagement with iran. >> today iran state run media saying the country plans to build 10 new facilities. >> he had a good sense of what he wanted to do. there are no signs i am aware of they are interested in carrying
9:41 pm
out the agreement on enriched ouraniu uranium. >> the results of our efforts to engage iran have not been encouraging. we avoided using the term deadline ourself. that's a term we have not used. we want to keep the door to dialogue open. >> when we return selling americans and the world on a costly global warming plan. oo ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds [ male announcer ] before you ever love it, the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests.
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>> candidate obama spoke often transforming america. when it came to the environment he set his sites even higher saving the planet, the president once again in his own words. >> we will be able to look back and tell our children this is the moment when the rise of the ocean began to slow and our planet began to heal. >> somebody wants to build a cold pirate plant they can it will bankrupt them because they will be charged a great sum because of the greenhouse gas that's being emittemitted. >> we me need to make it a profitable kind offen gee. i need you to send me legislation that has a market based cap on pollution and gives us renewable energy in america. >> the house is preparing to
9:45 pm
vote on an energy climate bill that calls for changes in the way most of us live and consume energy. >> today the house of representatives took historic action a gold necessary attempt to create new jobs decreasing independent on foreign oil and limiting the release of poll will you tell at that particular times that threaten the help of families and communities of the family itself. now it is up to the senate to take the next step. >> danger possessed by climate change cannot be denied. responsibility to meet it must not be deferred. if we continue down our current course development will be devastated by drought and famine. >> plan that human beings lived on for millennium will disappear. that is when the days in america dragged their feet on the issue are over. >> make cynical claims that
9:46 pm
contradict the overwhelming scientific evidence when it comes to climate change. claims was only purpose was to defeat or delay the change that was we know is necessary. >> we are going to have to work on those folks. >> senior advisor-ued a warning to congress where the house approved a cap and trade bill to curve greenhouse gasses but the senate has not. if you don't pass the legislation the environmental protection agency or epa is going to regulate in this area. >> ass the world's largest economy and as the world's second largest emitter, america bears our responsibility to address climb gnat change. we intend to meet that responsibility. >> the president has already left heading back to washington to avoid the massive possibly historic back to you.
9:47 pm
>> when we come back obama's biggest promise, healthcare. >> ♪ people say i'm forgetful. maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. love the road you're on. the subaru outback. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year.
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>> universal healthcare has been a democrat goal for decades. candidate obama promised to get there by working with republicans to reform our current system make the process transparent for all americans to see. what happened when he took office and what happened just this week in massachusetts may define his presidency. >> let's be the generation that says right here right now. we will have universal healthcare in america by the end of the next president's first term. >> i will be a president who finally makes healthcare affordable and available to
9:51 pm
every single american the same way i expanded healthcare in illinois by bringing dem contracts and republicans together to get the job done. >> senator clinton has a different approach. she believes we have to force people who don't have health insurance to buy it. they may charge people who already don't have healthcare fines or have to take it out of their paychecks. that i don't think is ep had gone -- helping those without health insurance. >> we will have it tell vised on c span so people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who wer making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or insurance compani companies. >> father the first time in history john mccain wants to tax our healthcare benefits. >> healthcare is quality and lower it's costs. >> president saw support for his
9:52 pm
plan. evidences at the american medical association a key issue for the ama is the owe called public option. >> let me look at a legitimate concern going forward by those who claim a public option is a trojan horse for a single payer system. >> here is is a public option that is not public driven can keep down administration costs provide you good quality care for a reasonable price as one of the options for you to choose i think that makes sense. >> private insurance -- >> if they tell us they are offering a good deal then why is it the government which they say want run anything suddenly going to drive them out of business. that's not logical. >> experts say in addition to the benefits you are pushing there is going to have to be sacrifice in order to have true cost cutting measures such as
9:53 pm
americans giving up task referrals choice, end of live care. >> they are going to give up pains for things that don't want to make it healthier. >> that's the kind of change you want. >> the so-called death panels they have called it pulling the plug on grandma. there's nothing in the legislation to directly indicate that is what would happen. some people lick sarah palin can argue these could make the elderly feel pressure to accept the minute cal care. the debate has been exploding. >> i have been told there is a policy everyone with medicare age will be visited will be told how they wish to die. this bothers me greatly. i would like you to promise me this is not in the bill. >> nobody is going to force you to make a set of decisions on end of life care based on
9:54 pm
bureaucratic law in washington. >> mr. president i make a living selling individual health insurance. why is it you changed your strategy from talking about healthcare reform to health insurance reform and decided to vilify the insurance company. >> that's a fair question. my intent is not to vilify insurance companies if i was vilifying them it would be to say frooif vat insurance has no place in the healthcare market. so some people believe that. i do believe it. in a historic vote members in the senate asked them to pass a landmark health insurance reform package. if this leg slaegs becomes law workers won't have to worry about losing coverage if they lose or change jobs. families will save on their premiums businesses see their cost drives if we do not act
9:55 pm
will save money now and in the future. >> labor unions in private rooms in the white house negotiating how does that square with the president's promise to put the negotiations public? oo we have discussed that. >> now it's playing out. >> there are no stake holders at the table. >> i would prefer you look at the transcript. >> we can do better. >> it happened the unthinkable scott brown a republican elected to represent massachusetts in the u.s. senate. >> people do not want the trillion dollar healthcare plan that is being forced on the american people. this bill is not being debated openly and fairly. it will raise taxes and it will hurt medicare, it will destroy jobs and run our nation deeper into debt. >> i under and the massachusetts
9:56 pm
election. people in washington were all in a tizzy trying to figure out what this means for health reform. republicans and democrats. what does it mean for obama? is he weakened? is he -- how is he going to survive this? (laughter) >> that's what they do. but i want you to -- i want you to understand this is not about me. this is not about me. this is about you. >> barack obama is not the first on the campaign trail and another in the office. another is is he the first to criticized the voters have a far more sweeping mandate for change than they actually did. those voters actually have away to speak out and say enough.
9:57 pm
is that a message president obama heard from massachusetts this week. from new jersey virginia last november if so how will the president respond? on wednesday president obama speech his first state of the union address. america will be listening. we will have full coverage fair and balanced on fox news channel and i am bret baier, good night from washington. it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel, so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. we make the sale.
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